About Us

Are you involved in the insurance or security industry, and living or working in the Midlands?

Whether you are an insurance risk surveyor, broker, underwriter or claims handler, or are involved in manufacturing, supplying, assessing, specifying, installing or monitoring security equipment, the Midland Security & Risk Society (MSRS) will be of interest to you.


Our regular informative meetings offer a chance to hear presentations from selected speakers/organisations, learn about new products or services and discuss topical issues. It is also a good forum to make new contacts.

As well as organising occasional site visits, we maintain an ongoing dialogue and exchange of information with organisations such as BSIA, the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AIS) and others.


Who are we?

We currently have approximately 80 members, these being a mixture of insurance risk surveyors and brokers, electronic and physical security company personnel, equipment users, those responsible for the provision of security related services and those with interests in manufacturing or installation of physical security devices, safes, CCTV, Access Control, etc.

The Society welcomes people from all areas of the security industry, and encourages information sharing to the benefit of all. We invite you to visit us or attend an event. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.


Our Aims

The primary aim of the society is to act as a forum for the exchange of information on all aspects of security, but we do also tackle other subjects related to members' core activities, e.g. Fire Alarms or Arson Control.

The Society's main activity is to orgaise a series of lunchtime lecture meetings, held monthly from October to June inclusive.

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Members also receive a regular newsletter and access to a 'members only' area of this website which holds copy presentations plus related advice and supportive industry and manufacturer documentation which will assist you in your daily role.

Periodically we recognise the contribution a member has made to the security industry by presenting them with the John Burge Award.


The Society The Society maintains informal links with a number of other security related groups. e.g.



Our History

MSRS was formed by a group of insurance company burglary risk surveyors in 1963, with membership open to insurance company personnel only. Shortly afterwards, the involvement of people working in the wider security industry was recognised as beng beneficial, and non-insurance personnel were allowed to join.

The interaction between insurers and the security industry worked well and continues to this day. As well as enabling business and social contacts to be made, it also encourages informed and lively debate, the widening of knowledge plus the exchange of ideas and expertise.

Until 2006 the Society was called the Birmingham Security Surveyors Society (BSSS); but at that time we changed the name to recognise the wider actvities/locations of many of our members.