MSR solicitors have seen a lot of property contracts and know where to look for the pitfalls. Our highly experienced conveyancing team will ensure that your matter is dealt with as efficiently as possible in order to facilitate a smooth process from our instruction all the way to completion.

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Choosing Conveyancing Solicitor

Research: Start by researching conveyancing solicitors in your area. You can use online directories, recommendations from friends or family, or check with estate agents for … Read more

Freehold Property

Key characteristics of freehold property include: Absolute Ownership: The owner has complete control over the property, including the right to use, modify, and sell it … Read more

Leasehold Property

Key characteristics of leasehold property include: Limited Ownership Period: Leasehold ownership grants the buyer the right to occupy and use the property for a set … Read more

New Built Purchase

Instruction of a Solicitor: As with any property purchase, the first step is to instruct a conveyancing solicitor who will handle the legal aspects of the … Read more

Transfer of Equity

Engagement of Solicitor: All parties involved in the transfer of equity should engage their own conveyancing solicitors to handle the legal aspects of the transaction. Initial … Read more

Why Choose MSR Solicitors?

Industry leading experience

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MSR Solicitors have a long-established residential and commercial property department providing a truly bespoke, personal conveyancing service to buyers and sellers in all areas of the local and international property market.

We care about you

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We know that buying or selling a home is one of the most stressful experiences you can go through. Our friendly and efficient conveyancing team will handhold you through that process.

One point of contact

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We believe in continuity. A designated legal expert will be assigned to you when you instruct us. They will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in both residential and commercial conveyancing.


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We offer a fixed price promise, meaning there are no hidden fees. We like to keep things simple so will only use plain English, no legal jargon and supply clear updates throughout. So, whether you need help with buying or selling property, re-mortgaging, estate planning, or a transfer of equity, the conveyancing team here at MSR will be able to help.

How our conveyancing solicitors can help?

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