Defamatory statements can have severe consequences on one’s reputation. MSR Solicitors provides comprehensive defamation services, representing both claimants and defendants. We understand the nuances of defamation law, including libel and slander, and strive to secure fair outcomes through strategic legal action.

Types of Defamation Litigation We Handle:

1. Libel Claims:

MSR Solicitors specialises in libel claims, where false and damaging statements have been published in written or permanent form. This includes defamatory articles, blog posts, social media posts, and other written publications that harm the reputation of an individual or business.

Relevant Case Law:

  • Lachaux v. Independent Print Ltd and Another [2019] UKSC 27: This landmark case clarified the serious harm threshold for libel claims, emphasising the importance of assessing the actual harm caused to the claimant’s reputation.

Relevant Legislation:

  • Defamation Act 2013: We leverage the provisions of this legislation to navigate libel claims, including the serious harm requirement and the defences available to publishers.

2. Slander Claims:

MSR Solicitors also handles slander claims, which involve defamatory statements spoken or conveyed in a transient form. Slander often occurs in verbal communications, interviews, or broadcasts and can cause significant harm to a person’s reputation.

Relevant Case Law:

  • Thornton v. Telegraph Media Group Ltd [2010] EWHC 1414 (QB): This case highlighted the complexities of slander claims and established the principle that the threshold for proving serious harm is generally lower in slander cases compared to libel cases.

Relevant Legislation:

  • Defamation Act 2013: We apply the provisions of this legislation to slander claims, addressing issues such as the defences available to defendants and the remedies for claimants.

3. Online Defamation:

In the digital age, online defamation has become a prevalent issue. MSR Solicitors is well-equipped to handle defamation claims arising from false and damaging statements made on social media platforms, websites, or online forums.

Relevant Case Law:

  • Monroe v. Hopkins [2017] EWCA Civ 433: This case addressed online defamation and highlighted the responsibility of internet service providers (ISPs) for the defamatory content published on their platforms.

Relevant Legislation:

  • Communications Decency Act 1996: We refer to this legislation to address issues related to online defamation, recognising the roles and responsibilities of online platforms.

Why Choose MSR Solicitors for Defamation Claims:

1. Expertise in Defamation Law:

Our solicitors possess extensive expertise in defamation law, staying abreast of legal developments to provide cutting-edge representation.

2. Strategic Approach:

MSR Solicitors employs a strategic and proactive approach to defamation claims, working to achieve favourable outcomes for our clients.

3. Protection of Reputation:

We understand the importance of reputation and work tirelessly to protect our clients from the damaging effects of defamation, seeking fair redress through legal channels.

If you find yourself facing defamation and seek expert legal representation, contact MSR Solicitors today. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through the intricacies of defamation litigation, advocating for your rights and safeguarding your reputation.

*Please note: we do not do legal aid work. For defamation matters, we do not offer no-win-no-fee arrangements.

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