Success in Rejected Low Prospects Accident Claim

Natalia’s Accident at Work

Natalia suffered an accident whilst at work. She was moving an industrial bin container through large double doors when the wind suddenly blew the door shut crushing her finger.

Natalia initially contacted another firm of solicitors to deal with her case against her employer. Her employer’s insurance company denied fault for the accident. The solicitor she instructed sought the advice from a barrister who advised that the claim did not have sufficient prospects of success. 

Her solicitor then decided that they could no longer act for her on a no win no fee basis as the prospects were not high enough.

Natalia did not want to give up on her case and visited our personal injury solicitors. Our solicitors assessed her case and decided to accept it on a no win no fee basis despite the negative opinions from Natalia’s previous solicitor and barrister.

Our solicitors argued that Natalia’s employer had failed to provide her with adequate training and failed to place a hook and latch on the doors and adjacent wall which would have permitted the doors to remain open and reduce the risk of injury. 

Although fault was not accepted, our solicitors pursued the case, obtained medical evidence, and issued court proceedings to take the matter to trial. The employer’s insurance company then made a suitable offer to settle the case before trial which Natalia accepted.

Our solicitors helped Natalia recover £4,800 in damages without having to attend court. 

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