ACAS Early Conciliation

Before filing a claim at an Employment Tribunal, you must notify ACAS via their Early Conciliation website.

ACAS Early Conciliation

ACAS will try to settle your claim with the Respondent, normally your employer or your ex-employer. However, the ACAS Conciliation Officer will not be aware of the details of your claim, its merits or its value. Equally, you may not be aware of your claim’s potential settlement value. So, there is a risk that you could end up agreeing to terms that are significantly less favourable than the compensation you may be awarded if you were to win your Employment Tribunal claim.

ACAS & COT3 Settlement / ET1 Form Guidance

We can help you to value your Employment Tribunal claim and to advise you on settlement tactics to maximise what the Respondent will pay you. We will also advise you on the written settlement agreement via ACAS (COT3), which is a legally binding document that normally precludes you from making any further claims. For example, you may wish to agree to a reference from your employer. If so, it is a good idea to include this as part of the settlement.

What to do when an Employer/Ex-Employer refuses Early Conciliation

If your employer/ex-employer refuses Early Conciliation or you do not agree to a settlement and decide to file an Employment Tribunal claim, we can assist you by confirming your deadline, preparing your claim form (called an ET1) and representing you during the Employment Tribunal process.

For more information on ACAS Early Conciliation or to discuss your situation at work, please contact us online.