Further Leave to Remain (Human Right Claims) 

The FLR (HRO) application is for individuals seeking to extend their stay in the UK under the Human Rights category. FLR (HRO) stands for Further Leave to Remain – Human Rights and Other Routes. This application is designed for those who wish to continue residing in the UK based on their human rights, as well as individuals who qualify under other specific routes. 

Eligibility and Categories

The FLR (HRO) applies to various circumstances. It includes individuals with private and family life in the UK. It also covers those with long residence in the country. Victims of domestic violence can use FLR (HRO). Individuals granted discretionary leave to remain are also eligible.

If you are already in the UK, you can apply for an extension. The FLR (HRO) covers various categories. It ensures that your rights and circumstances receive consideration.

Recognition of Private and Family Life

One of the key aspects of the FLR (HRO) application is the recognition of an individual’s private and family life in the UK. This can include relationships with British citizens or settled persons, as well as individuals who have formed close ties with the community and have integrated into the society. 

Support for Victims of Domestic Violence

Additionally, the FLR (HRO) caters to the needs of individuals who have been victims of domestic violence. It provides them with an opportunity to seek further leave to remain in the UK, recognizing the importance of protection and support for those who have experienced such circumstances. 

Considerations for Long-Term Residents

Furthermore, the FLR (HRO) addresses cases where individuals have resided in the UK for an extended period. It acknowledges the significance of their long-term presence and allows them to apply for an extension based on their established roots in the country. 

It is important to note that each category within the FLR (HRO) has specific requirements and criteria that must be met in order to be eligible for an extension of stay. These requirements may include demonstrating financial stability, providing evidence of a genuine relationship or ties to the community, and meeting the English language proficiency criteria. 

Application Tips and Requirements

To ensure a successful application under the FLR (HRO), it is essential to carefully review the eligibility criteria, gather all the necessary supporting documents, and accurately complete the form. Failure to meet the requirements or provide sufficient evidence may lead to delays or even refusal of the application. 


By utilizing the FLR (HRO) application, individuals can secure their continued stay in the UK based on their human rights or other specific routes, allowing them to maintain their established lives, relationships, and contributions to the country. 

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