Immigration Fees

Business Visa
Innovator Founder£15,000 + VAT
– Dependant£2,000 +VAT
Global Business Mobility Visa£10,000 + VAT
– Dependant£2,000 + VAT
Sponsorship Licence£5,000 + VAT
Skilled Worker£2,000 + VAT
– Dependant£1,500 + VAT
Family Visa
Spouse£2,500 + VAT
Parent£2,500 + VAT
Children£2,500 + VAT
Adult Dependant RelativeFrom £4,000 + VAT
Extension£2,000 + VAT
Settlement Domestic ViolenceFrom £3,000 + VAT
Human Rights Claim
Further Leave to Remain FLR – Private Life, marriage, Leave Outside the Rules
Handle by Solicitor / Trainee Solicitor£10,000
Handle by Senior Caseworker£8,000
Handle by Junior Caseworker£6,000
FLR Extension£2,000 + VAT
Settlement 7 years Child (Private Life)£4,000
BNO Visa (Hong Kong)
Main Applicant or DependantFrom £1,000 + VAT
Leave Outside the RulesFrom £1,250 + VAT
Adult Dependant RelativeFrom £2,000 + VAT
Asylum and Fresh Claim
Handle by Solicitor£8,000 – £10,000
Handle by Trainee or Caseworker£4,000 – £6,000
SET O – Form to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK in various immigration categories.

SET M – Form to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK if you are the partner of a person, or parent of a child, who is present and settled in the UK.
£1,500 + VAT
SET LR – Settlement Long ResidenceFrom £2,000 + VAT
Tier 4 Student Visa (Including Dependant)£1,500
Visitor Visa£2,000 + VAT
Transfer of Condition£500 + VAT
Returning Resident£1,500 + VAT
NaturalisationFrom £1,500 + VAT
DetentionFrom £1,500
Graduate Visa£750 + VAT
Appeal – First-tier Tribunal£3,500 + VAT
Deportation Stage 1From £1,000 + VAT
Deportation Stage 2From £3,000 + VAT

What is included

Our fees include all work in the preparation and submission of the relevant application as instructed. This will include but not solely restricted to the following services:

  • Preparing a list of documents to advise you on what we require to assist you as instructed;
  • Reviewing the relevant documents and to advise you further;
  • Completing the relevant appropriate application form;
  • Drafting of written submissions / representations; and
  • All telephone calls, emails and meetings to assist in the above.

Refund Policy

If the client signed up to our service on a fixed fee basis and exceed 7 calendar days from instructions given, we do not refund the fee that has been paid and we reserve the right to charge additional fees for work done within this period based on the hourly rate.

If the client signed up to our services remotely, the client would have 14 days to cancel and if we have commenced work within this period, the client will be charged for work done at our hourly rate for work done until cancellation, and the remainder of the fixed fee will be refunded.

Disbursement & Other fees

All the above fees are subject to Disbursement – Any other third-party fees, such as Home Office Application fee, counsel fee, court fees etc

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